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My name is Paula Garcia and I am the assistant band director at Waller Jr. High.  I have worked at Turlington Elementary as the music teacher, and Schultz Jr. High as the assistant band director, but am happy to call "home" here at WJH!!  As a Waller graduate, class of 2004, I am very excited to be back in my home town doing what I love to do.  I started my love of music in 6th grade when I became the biggest band nerd imaginable, playing the French Horn.  I decided somewhere along the road that teaching was going to be my career choice, and that music was my passion.  Why not combine to the two and teach music?!  So, I left the lovely town of Waller, traveled up the road to Huntsville, and Graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education.

 It is my goal to not only share my joy of music with your children, but to help develop your child's self-confidence and musical appreciation through music expression and to leave them with the idea that learning music encompasses multiple aspects of learning: math, foreign language, history, science, and even physical education!  All of these areas are a central focus in my classroom. 

My day is filled with so much excitement because each day I get to do exactly what it is I want to do, who could ask for anything better than that? 



If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me at:pgarcia@wallerisd.net or by phone at 936-931-1353. x 1122




Have a wonderful, musical day! J

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